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Question about backup settings

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Hello guys,

bit of a noob questions, but I'm bit confused by backup settings in Veeam Agent for Windows (Free edition).

I need to have the PC backed up once a month, nothing more. What does "Keep backup for: X days" option do in "Local Storage" section? Do I have to set the number of days to 30? What will happen if set it to 1 for example? Will the agent delete the backup after one day and machine will be without backup until next backup job?

And that's my other question. There is only one scheduling option and that is "daily", but next to it I can choose specific days. So basically I can create a schedule just once a week? Seems pretty confusing.. Is once a week maximum amount between backups?


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Re: Question about backup settings

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Hello and Welcome to Veeam R&D Forums!

The option "Keep backups for <N> days" allows you to specify the number of days for which you want to store backup files in the target location. The earliest restore point will be deleted after the specified period is over, please refer to this page on our help center to get a better idea of retention policy. I'd recommend to perform backups at least once per week, also keep in mind that incremental backups do not consume as much space as full backup does.


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