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Suggestions for a more seamless new user experience

Post by skirsch »

Wow. Veeam is awesome. But I encountered the following issue which I think you should fix and I'm frankly amazed that at this stage it isn't fixed.

I kept trying to login to my QNAP NAS using "stk" with my password.

There is absolutely no way I would have known you require me to login with domain\stk.

The error message was VERY unhelpful. It said: "Access is Denied. Failed to create or open file."

Nope. It was a simple authentication problem that is easy to fix if the error message said "Can't authenticate; did you put your username as domain\username"

The prompt shouldn't be username. It should say domain\username.

And if you want to be very clever about it, if he doesn't have the \, simply try the domainname used in the spec of the repository, so you compensate for the user error.

Or you do all of the above.

Veeam looks to be the best backup software I've ever used, but my "newbie" experience was super frustrating and I hope you'll seriously consider my suggestions.
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Re: Suggestions for a more seamless new user experience

Post by Mildur »

Hi Steve

Thank you for your feedback. I'm glad you are happy with our product :)

We have documented this requirement in our user guide: ... ain&ver=60
But I just saw that the screenshot does not match the documented requirement. We will change the screenshot.
Tip: You can always press F1 in our products. This will open the User Guide page for the menu you have open in your Veeam Agent.

For changing the error message I have to forward this request to my team. I cannot promise if we will change it.


Screenshot was replaced.
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