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Veeam Agent for Mac to Azure Blob

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We have several Veeam Agent for Macs that target Azure Blob storage. The storage is provisioned from Veeam Cloud Connect, direct connection, not through a veeam cloud gateway.

Several Macs are having their backups interrupted with the error. Sometimes the backup completes, more often than not it fails with this error below. Can I get more info on this error? It seems like the longer the job runs the more likely it'll result in this error. For example the intial full backup rarely completes if it's large, more than 10gb or so. If it's a small incremental it can complete sometimes before being interrupted with this.

Failed to perform backup. Some error occurred. Agent failed to process method {FileBackup.SyncDirs}. Exception from server: Failed to read HTTP status line.

I have a case opened Case #07128819
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Re: Veeam Agent for Mac to Azure Blob

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Hello Michael

From reading the error message and comments on the support case it looks like the connection was interrupted. But I cannot say from a forum post if the message comes from VCC or Azure. I recommend to keep working with our customer support on this issue. If necessary the case will be escalated to the next tier and if required to RnD .

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