Standalone backup agents for Linux and Unix workloads on-premises or in the public cloud
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An Important Use Case (IMO): Suse Linux 4 SAP HANA

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Hi all,

i'm really happy about a Veeam Product which can help little-mid sized companies with a new "problem" they will probably have in the close feauture.

In the company were i'm working we are going to switch to SAP HANA. Theorically, it's a Linux Suse machine you can virtualize.
In the real world, it's really a big issue to do that. SAP says it can run in a shared environment, but in the real world you should have a dedicated vSphere (or other) cluster only for SAP. For example, they have not still certified vSphere 6... :shock:

This is why we have choosen to run SAP HANA in a dedicated, supported server. This allows us to be free to decide which version of the hypervisor we want to use :lol: (thanks SAP!) but... we have worked since years in switching all of our backups from legacy solutions to Veeam... so we don't want to mantain a legacy bacup software and server and so on only to save HANA server.

I guess many companies in the future will see the same issue, so keep an eye on this use case, which is about a very critical and physical application.
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Re: An Important Use Case (IMO): Suse Linux 4 SAP HANA

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So, in other words you'd like to see an official SuSE support in future VAL releases, is that correct?


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