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Disk Cloning with Veeam Agent for Linux?

Post by halimzhz »

Dear all,

All these years i'm only use Clonezilla for any cloning disk task and of course its run offline, anyway is it Veeam Agent for Linux supported for online cloning disk?

Please advice, Thank you.

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Re: Disk Cloning with Veeam Agent for Linux?

Post by HannesK »

the Veeam Agent for Linux only works online. So yes, you can use it for online disk cloning.

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Re: Disk Cloning with Veeam Agent for Linux?

Post by solarjdp69 »


I've used Veeam Free version (soon to be licensing for enhanced backups and support) for over a year. I successfully cloned all of our logic and DB servers OS drives as they were getting older and some had bad sectors. Works great! I had setup an NFS share on 1 server and the others run a cron job that turns veeamservice on, the job runs and later a script shuts off veeamservice.

I then rsynced the backups to another office with a similar repository. From there I booted on the Recovery disk and restored these servers one by one, testing them b4 sending down to production where we replaced them and bang! They just worked. Only issue is to change the LAN card entries as these will be different unless you restore to the same server. Veeam isn't perfect, but it's darn nice.

A feature that many perhaps do not use or know about is the File recovery feature.
You accidentally delete a files or folders on active server.... NP - Fire up veeam on the active server, go into the menu and select File Recovery. Mounts the selected image backup (you can pick from any of them) they get mounted on /mnt/backup. Then just copy or rsync desired files back to active system. When done go back in veeam and unmount backup.

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