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SLES and dkms dependancy - how to

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Hi everyone,

while in most cases you can download and use already compiled software from... ... ocess.html ... fline.html
... there could be a situation where you need the dkms Linux package. See the 2 links regarding installation errors.

Specifically for SLES there is no dkms package available within the packman repository. You need to use the openSUSE package temporarly on your Linux system.
The following is a short example guide for SLES12.2 it:

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vi /etc/modprobe.d/10-unsupported-modules.conf  
# manually set allow_unsupported_modules to 1 and save it. Potentially the filname is different

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zypper ar -cfp 90 packman
# Replace "openSUSE_12.2" with your verion of Linux.
# dkms package are not part of the SLES repositories. You have to select openSUSE ones.
# Browse to identify the correct folder/repository.

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zypper refresh      
#Select "a" to accept the key forever. Other selections will not work with the next command.

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zypper -n install --force dkms 
install the Veeam Agent for Linux

Let it stay there for the situation where you update the kernel and have to compile Veeam again.

If you want to remove dkms, you can use the following 2 commands.

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zypper rm dkms  
# Removes the dkms package

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zypper rr packman
# Removes the packman Repository entry.

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