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Too many restore-points

Post by torstenk »

I am using veeam free agent on linux. (ubuntu 18 lts).
I run the backup job using commandline, and it runs fine. Just when I looked at the restore-points there were way too many. So I started a backup using the ui, and it cleaned up the access of restore points. I have confirmed this with some other installations I have got, and it is the same anywhere.
Do I need to add anything to my commandline to trigger cleanup:
veeamconfig job start --name full

The job itself has got the config:
# veeamconfig job info --name full
Backup job:
ID: {4afde345-7240-446c-a318-095d5c7cbb7e}
Name: full
Repository ID: {39956b20-f5d7-42cb-9719-2823ca65c852}
Repository name: VeeamBackup
Creation time: 2020-05-22 12:14:48
Compression: Lz4
Max points: 14
Block size: 1024 KB
Index all files and directories selected for backup
Pre-job command: /root/bin/
Post-job command: /root/bin/
Snapshot required
Objects for backup:
Include All System

Thanks for your help,

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Re: Too many restore-points

Post by PTide »


Do you have periodic full backups enabled?


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