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Central console for many VAO systems

Post by jimhunton »

We have 25 remote locations, we want to run VAO/VBR on a vmware hypervisor at each location to provide local recovery in case the production hypervisor fails. Is there a way to manage all of the VAO from a central console?


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Re: Central console for many VAO systems

Post by Alec King »

Hi Jim,
There is no central console for multiple VAO systems at the moment (Veeam Enterprise Manager is only for multiple VBRs)
However can I ask why you require a VAO installation in every location? You could deploy just one VAO server in main site, perhaps with a separate Scope for each location - this would provide isolation between the plans/users in different locations, and everything would be contained in a single VAO server.
You could have a VBR server in each location - all orchestrated by a single VAO.
Perhaps VAO role-based access is something you could use to achieve the goal of 'one central server'?

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