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VAO howto reconnect a VAO Agent

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i have now setup all replication and now ehn i want to setup DR rules or test plans VAO tells me that the backup & replication server isnt connected any more.
I do not find any misconfiguration or changed any credentials and can not find a way to reconnect or even check the credentials used.
All services run on the smae host, with exception for the database.

Is there a way to get a reconnect or view/change the configuration?

Best regards,

Oleg Patrakov
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Re: VAO howto reconnect a VAO Agent

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Hi Carsten
First thing to try is to see if on the page "Configuration -> VAO Agents" you can see your VBR server and try to use "Repair" option.
If it doesn't help, you can try Uninstalling it from the UI and then installing it again. If uninstalling it from here doesn't work, then log in directly to your VBR machine and remove the agent using Control Panel.
If your VBR server is not shown on VAO Agents page at all, then just try Installing it once again.
If you are still struggling with it, please open a support case.


Veeam Software
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Re: VAO howto reconnect a VAO Agent

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Hi Carsten,

Did you check that all Veeam services on both VBR and VAO servers are running? And may I ask you to clarify about exception for database, for which database?

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