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VM Groups and Virtual Labs

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Hello all,
I am wondering if anyone has some insight as to whether a VM Group can span VM's in different VMware clusters? And can a Failover Plan test VM's in such a VM Group across multiple Virtual Labs?

VMware cluster 1:
Domain controller
DNS server

VMware cluster 2:
Web Server

VMware cluster 3:
Database Server

Let me know if clarifications or more information is needed.
Thanks in advance.
- Eric

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Re: VM Groups and Virtual Labs

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Hello Eric,
Yes, you can group VMs of different VMware clusters. Just make sure all of them are added to Veeam ONE console.

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Re: VM Groups and Virtual Labs

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Hello Eric,
There's no way to test a Failover Plan in multiple Virtual Labs at the same time.
But you can use the advanced multi-host virtual lab, which leverages the VMware Distributed vSwitch (DVS) technology.


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