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Migrating from AWS Backup

Post by paulo_au »

I have a lot of monthly backups in AWS Backup (EBS Snapshots) that I would like to migrate to Veeam & S3, is this possible?

The reason is for this is wanting to have FLR and consolidated backups, I think it would probably be cheaper than AWS Backup as well.

I'm thinking the only solution to this would be creating a temporary Ec2 instance called HistoricalRestores (or similar) and building a script to automate a restore -> attach -> backup solution. So all versions of a volume get attached to the same mount point on the server etc.

If there's another way to achieve this I would be very interested in hearing about it.

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Re: Migrating from AWS Backup

Post by HannesK »

and welcome to the forums.

I have never heard of any "backup tool migration" option except "restore everything and back up again". And EBS snapshots are not even "real" backup. So I see no way to do that, but maybe anyone else has "creative" ideas.

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Re: Migrating from AWS Backup

Post by nielsengelen »

VB for AWS is able to see your AWS snapshots and recover from those.
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