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Veeam backup policies GFS like snapshots

Post by frankhsk »

Hi I need to understand how your other clients with 7 year retention period are implementing veeam backup for aws to accomplish this.

I have configured different policies to cater for my use case in a like GFS policy

1) 7 Daily Snapshots Mon-Friday

2) 4 weekly snapshots

3) 12 Monthly Snapshots

4) 7 yearly Snapshots

The problem is that veeam backup policies priority override the policies with less priority so only the Daily #1) executes but the other ones below execute with no targets as they have the same backup targets as the highest priority policy.

How can I have all the policies executing? I need this to try to emulate a GFS policy that will allow me to have backups of my data for 7 years.

If this cannot be setup what is the best way to keep my backup data for 7 years?

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Re: Veeam backup policies GFS like snapshots

Post by nielsengelen »

You are correct that there is no GFS available in VB for AWS right now. We are looking at adding the feature but can't provide an ETA for now. For now, it isn't possible to achieve GFS in this way within the product.

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Re: Veeam backup policies GFS like snapshots

Post by Mike Resseler »

Hi @frankhsk
First, I would not advice you to keep snapshots for so long... That will come at a serious cost :-). For such a construction I would work with a combination of snapshots and backups.

At this moment, we can't work with a GFS policy yet, but we are working on this to make it very easy for you. As of this moment, I suggest you take snapshots on a daily basis, and store a backup once a week and keep it there for the time necessary.

As said, we are working :-)

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