Agentless, cloud-native backup for Microsoft Azure
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About comparison with Azure Backup

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Does anyone know of a comparison between "Veeam Backup for Azure" and "Azure Backup"?
I would like to know the advantage of "Veeam Backup for Azure" over "Azure Backup".

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Re: About comparison with Azure Backup

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Hi, Veeam doesn't provide documents like this.
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Re: About comparison with Azure Backup

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I was looking for the same as I've just started to play with Veeam Backup to Azure.

In my view, you would have following advantages,
- central management server for all backups
- per VM price is cheaper per year
- deploy your 'storage account' to any region for 'offsite' backup. So in case of disaster, your backups are instantly available. With Azure Recovery Services vaults, this is limited to paired regions.
- Backup any VM without extension being installed

- it needs additional infrastructure (central server, workers, vnet, etc.)
- it creates additional bandwidth costs

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Re: About comparison with Azure Backup

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@retok @Asahi
First, Retok, thanks for your research and feedback.

To me, the biggest advantage is that your backups become portable. This means that the backups stored on object storage can be seen in VBR (and soon with more integration) and be used for a backup copy job, restored on a hyper-v or vmware box or something like that. Allowing you to get your data and bring it to another medium.

And obviously, this is v1 of our solution, much more will be coming soon.

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