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Azure Blob price forecast!

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Hello Veeam Community

We are planning to move our monthly backups to Azure cloud (Blob Storage-cloud Tier), I am trying to understand the cost we will pay every month in the whole year not only the first month as I see in a lot of posts and Azure calculator, can you help me to see if my logic is correct?

Our first full backup will upload 15 TB and next months I am assuming a 20% of changes so next full backups will upload 3 TB every month, also I am considering only Storage and write operations (put) prices, the first month I will pay only for the 15 TB ($192) and the $157 for Write operations, next month I will pay for the storage of 15TB, and the 3 Tb storage and writes, and the same for next months, every month I will need to pay for old backups and the new one. If I am correct in the 12th month I will pay $645 USD.

Is this correct? If yes our backup retention is for 10 years that mean in the year 10 if we don't delete any backup I will pay $6450 USD per month? :o :cry:


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Re: Azure Blob price forecast!

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I have not checked your pricing, but assuming it is correct, your basic math looks sound. Your calculations do not take into account compression, single instancing, dedupe, metadata, and additional fulls (due to you don't want single chain 10 years long). I also don't see any snapshots or related as source for the data, nor consideration if there are network xfer charges based on source, destination (may or may not be). Typical averages for above items would suggest this estimate is higher than the reality.

There are cost calculators in VB for Azure, as part of policy wizard. This may be an easier starting place given the number of factors.

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