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Backup data Capacity in BLOB Storage

Post by Tos »

Our prospect customer have question.

When we run backup Azure VM to BLOB Storage by using Veeam Backup for Azure, is the full backup data stored in BLOB equal to the actual usage used by the backup target Azure VM ?

For example, if we backup the below Azure VM;
Capacity : 128GB
Actual usage : 30GB

the full backup data of BLOB Storage is 30GB ?

Is backup data of BLOB deduplication compressed ?
If so, is it about half ?
(When backing up a Azure VM with a actual usage of 30 GB, is the backup data about 15 GB?)

Please let me know.

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Re: Backup data Capacity in BLOB Storage

Post by HannesK »

no, the backup is usually smaller. It depends on how good data reduction works. for example a server that only hosts videos, pictures and other un-compressible data will take the almost the same disk space.

In general, you can expect the same data reduction rates like in backup and replication. On average over a larger number of VMs it's about 50%. One VM more, other VMs less... but on average 50% is pretty close.

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