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Creating Service Account Automatically with Contributor Role

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I'm having trouble adding the Azure Service account automatically. I am logging into the portal with an account with the Contributor role on the subscription, but it's still failing with
Specified account must be assigned a role with Microsoft.Authorization/*/Write permission (User Access Administrator, Owner or custom role) to the subscription scope to work with the subscription IT Backups (xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx349)
My role is Contributor on that subscription:

Am I doing something wrong or am I reading the Required Permissions document incorrectly?
"When you create a new service account by selecting the Create service account automatically option, make sure that the user account that you use to log in to the Azure portal has the Contributor role or higher." ... er=10#pfaa

The referenced Microsoft doc even says that Contributor doesn't have the Microsoft.Authorization/*/Write action. ... ontributor


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Re: Creating Service Account Automatically with Contributor Role

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Hi, you need to set the role to "User Access Administrator", Owner or use a custom role. Contributor doesn't work. This seems to be a mistake in our user guide. Thanks for reporting. We'll look into it and get it resolved.
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