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I am trying to create a private virtual network on Azure and deploy VBAZ and worker on a subnet.
On the virtual network there is a DNS server built with Iaas. *This is a DNS server with no forwarding.
VBAZ and workers belonging to the subnet will refer to the above DNS server.

Is there any problem with the DNS that I have created on my own instead of AzureDNS?
If there are any DNS records needed, please let me know.

I am not very familiar with Azure and English.
Thank you in advance.

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What exactly are you trying to achieve by using your own DNS server vs the one from Azure if I may ask? VBA doesn't rely on a specific DNS server as we come as an appliance with a standard configuration. It would be possible to adjust the DNS servers via SSH but I currently can't tell if it is required to do as your goal is unclear to me.
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