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Feature Request: Date and Time Format Change

Post by donkeymagic » 2 people like this post

Hi Veeam Team,

I would like to make a request that the Azure (and also AWS & Google Appliances) have the ability for the date format to be changed both in the appliance and in reports. At present they are all by default in the American format MMDDYY, it would be nice to be able to set other regional formats such as the UK format of DDMMYY. Obviously including more than just the UK formatting would be great for other regions around the world and appreciate that this is a fairly trivial feature change but one that a lot of people like to change.



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Re: Feature Request: Date and Time Format Change

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Hi Oliver,

Thanks for the request. It makes sense to show it like this. We will look into what could be done here for a future release.
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Re: Feature Request: Date and Time Format Change

Post by Lewpy »

A definite +1 from me, as regional date format issues are a personal bugbear of mine :evil:
Although I did notice that the FLR web interface does appear to be regionalised, as that came up showing UK date formats for me, while the main Veeam Backup for Azure interface was USA-centric (is it the 9th of December, or the 12th of September?!?! aaargh!!!!)

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