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Recommendation for Blob configuration and Regions

Post by Dooh »

Hello all,

I am wondering what the recommendation would be for the blob storage to back a Veeam Backup for Azure deployment.
There are essentially 2 goals:
  • We would want to make sure that there are at least copies of backups in a different geographic location than the VMs
  • We want to do this in the most cost effective way possible
Is it most cost effective to use GRS blobs and not have to pay egress bandwidth, or is it better to put the blobs in a different region from the VMs? Does this impact the placement of the Veeam appliance?


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Re: Recommendation for Blob configuration and Regions

Post by HannesK »

the Veeam appliance writes to the "primary" storage: ... redundancy (the geo redundancy is an asynchronous mirror) ... age/blobs/ says that "The geo-replication data transfer charge is for bandwidth used to replicate data to the second Azure region" But the bandwidth cost seems to be lower for GRS (0.02 USD) vs. 0.05 USD ( ... bandwidth/)

I recommend talking to Microsoft if the pricing calculator does not help to calculate the "best" price for you.

Best regards,

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