Agentless, cloud-native backup for Microsoft Azure
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Service and SQL Server backup

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As I understand Veeam Backup for Azure can back up Azure VMs. What about other Azure resource types such as App Services, App Services (Slot) and SQL Servers?

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Re: Service and SQL Server backup

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not as of today. For example for SQL, Microsoft does not offer a backup API.

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Re: Service and SQL Server backup

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It would be great to understand how you use these as we are always exploring potential features to add. Any more details / info is welcome.

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Re: Service and SQL Server backup

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I have a customer moving about 200VMs into Azure, this will result in about Azure 120VMs with a large reduction coming from a move to managed SQL instances in Azure rather than straight VMs. They understand AAIP is closer for VM backup but there was disappointment with lack of DB services backup. Azure offers redundancy with 6x replication of the back-end SQL data- but doesn't offer more than 35 day retention. You can do manual backups to blob via SSMS scripts- but you have to disable encryption which MS does not recommend. EU sees huge need for 3rd part vendor to put out this SQL data for longer term archival and vendor redundancy.

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Re: Service and SQL Server backup

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We are aware of the need, many customers want this. However, as Niels stated, there are no backup API's at the moment but MSFT is aware of our ask. We might consider building something like our competition is doing, but that will not be a really scalable solution. But if this is the only option, we might need to consider it doing it

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