Agentless, cloud-native backup for Microsoft Azure
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Use case question

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Hi Everyone,

We are starting to get a lot of people migrating most or all of their on-prem state to Azure. They have Veeam on-prem, and will leave a DC on-site. We will use Veeam on-site to backup this VM locally, and they will still use us a Cloud Providers for a BCJ. They want to back up the 4 VMs in Azure and would also like a BCJ back to our Cloud Connect. Is there a way to do this currently? I have tried Veeam Backup for Azure but this only does VM backup to Blob that I can see.

It would be great to have just one Veeam to manage on Prem and Azure VMs and be able to get true air gapped (out of Azure) backups of VMs in Azure


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Re: Use case question

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You can add Veeam Backup for Azure to the VBR server and from there perform additional copies/restores. A great blog post with info is available here.

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