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Network Scan Error

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Hello guys,
Tring to use GCP Veeam solution, did anyone faced same error for Network scan after initial setup?
there is nothing in documentation mentioned about this network scan, What I see network scan failing if I don't have subnets in all zones, so once I create some subnets under VPC to all Zones then network scan successes and backup jobs are running fine,
but even if I don't have any instance or anything in other zones - I don't understand why is it mandatory to have network in other zones, process itself is not use that networks.

for example if I have only 2 zone used in GCP - dont have anything in other zones, want to make backup for instance in the project that is hosting Worker and Veeam as well, I'm unable until I create subnets to all zones.

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Re: Network Scan Error

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This is a known issue - please raise a ticket with our Support team for the fix.

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