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Disabling repositories

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I'm using VB365 Community Edition on a dedicated Windows box with USB repositories. We have an "always-attached" USB repository that is backed-up to daily, and an "air-gapped" second USB repository that is connected once each month, updated, and then air-gapped again.

The backup job for the "always-attached" repository are always enabled, while the backup job for the normally "air-gapped" repository are kept disabled, unless we are doing the monthly true-up backup.

Having looked at the VB365 logs, it seems that even though the monthly backup job is disabled, there are error messages relating to the airgapped monthly repository, suggesting that VB365 is always interrogating it, even though it is neither connected nor in use by an enabled backup job.

Could I suggest Veeam consider providing analogous enable/disable functionality on repositories as well as backup jobs? It would tidy up behaviour when a repository is intentionally unavailable, for any reason.

Thanks for considering.
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Re: Disabling repositories

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Hi Ian

On local attached disks, VB365 backup data is stored in database files. Those database files are always mounted.

I don't expect such a feature for VB365 on our roadmap. But thanks for your request and use case.
Our recommended storage solution for Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 is object storage. New features related to repositories will most likely be released only for object storage repositories.

Object Storage provides you with immutable backup copies capabilities. Which provides the same safety as air-gapped backups if you don't have admin access to it. For example use Wasabi, AWS or Azure as the target object storage. You won't be able to delete that data by yourself if you enable immutable backup copies.

If you want to have an air gapped copy on a USB disk, I suggest to use our Veeam Agent for Windows to backup the entire VB365 machine with it's primary repository to the second USB disk.
Please do not forget to disable the VB365 services before doing a backup. VSS can not be used for external drives (where your primary backups are stored). And without VSS enabled backups, your "VB365 copy" won't be consistent.

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