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Feature request

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Case #05687797

We offer MS365 Backup as a Service,

Since our customers don't have access to the normal logging functionality,
our customers requested us more options, and more details regarding the backup reports.

Not only Mailboxes protected, but aspecially OneDrive reporting is requested in more detail,
and Teams and Sharepoint in applicable options.

And if possible an option/(switch) to have a plain or detailed version of that reporting.

These are just one of the first things I now think of, when I receive more
when I receive more requestes or feedback from our end customers I will add them here.
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Re: Feature request

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Hi J,

In the next release, VB365 will be integrated with Veeam ONE and VSPC and this integration will bring a variety of monitoring and reporting options, including protected data reports for all workloads. This integration will be based on the public REST APIs that you can also use for your monitoring systems (if any).

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