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Log details for SharePoint restore to new site

Post by OzFenric »

I am trying to locate any detail logs that cover a restore operation mediated through the REST API. We have a customer attempting to restore a SharePoint site backup into a different SharePoint site and potentially encountering issues - the restore is taking much longer than expected and on the VBO server I can't see the restored files or folders. However, tracking down the cause of any errors is complicated as I can't find the logs. The logs I've checked are:
VBO - Veeam.Archiver.REST
VBO - Veeam.Archiver.Service
VBO - Veeam.SharePoint.Explorer
Proxy - Veeam.Archiver.Proxy
Proxy - Job.[Job name of backup job]

Should I be looking more closely at any of these, perhaps searching by OrganizationID rather than site name or organization name? Or is there another location granular detail is logged for this kind of restore?
Thanks in advance
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Re: Log details for SharePoint restore to new site

Post by Mildur »

Hello OzFenric

I recommend to open a case with our customer support, if you face performance issues with the restore. Our Support team is trained on reading our log files, not we the product management.

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