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Unofficial object storage compatibility list - Veeam Backup for Office 365

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Last updated: August 16, 2022


NEW indicates a recent addition to the list, with little field validation and user feedback available yet.
UPDATED indicates a recent change in the system requirements following a bug fix by the vendor, or feedback from the field.
POSSIBLE ISSUES indicates an on-going investigation with the vendor due to Veeam users experiencing issues.

Amazon S3 (including GovCloud and ChinaCloud)
IBM Cloud Object Storage (cloud object storage and on-prem storage
Microsoft Azure Blob Storage (including Government Cloud)
Wasabi (cloud object storage, and on-prem storage 4.0 or later)

Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service UNDER INVESTIGATION (not all regions are compatible)
AWS Snowball Edge
Backblaze B2 VENDOR DECLARATION (requires Veeam Backup & Replication 10a P20201202 or later)
Ceph (12.2.11 or later with RHCS-3.1+) POSSIBLE ISSUES (date format)
Cloudian (7.1.3 or later, 7.3 has significant performance improvments)
Cynny Space SwARM Object Storage (3.16.49-r0 or later) POSSIBLE ISSUE with stong consistency not enforced
DataCore Swarm (v14 or later)
Dell Technologies ECS (ECS or later)
Dell PowerScale (OneFS 9.0.4 or later) NEW
FAST LTA Silent Brick G5000 ( or later)
FUJITSU Hybrid IT Service FJcloud-O (cloud object storage)
FUJITSU Hybrid IT Service FJcloud-V (cloud object storage) VENDOR DECLARATION
Hitachi HCP (9.3 or later, requires Veeam Backup & Replication 10a P20201202 or later)
Hitachi HCP for Cloud Scale (1.3 or later, requires Veeam Backup & Replication 10a P20201202 or later)
Huawei OceanStor 100D (8.0.2 or later, formally known as FusionStorage)
Huawei Open Telekom Cloud (cloud object storage)
iTernity iCAS FS (1.8.0 or later)
IDrive e2 Cloud Storage (cloud object storage) VENDOR DECLARATION
iland (cloud object storage)
MinIO (2020-08-18 or later)
NetApp S3 StorageGrid (11.1.3 or later; add port number to the URL; use Integrated or F5 load balancer)
NexentaEdge (8b5a181.5 Oct 2018 or later)
Nutanix Objects (3.0 or later)
OpenStack Swift S3 (Rocky 2018 or later)
Pure Storage FlashBlade (2.2.15 or later)
Pure Storage StorReduce (4.2.8 or later)
Quantum ActiveScale (5.5.3 or later)
Red Hat Ceph (3.1 or later)
RSTOR Space (cloud object storage - ask for v0.11.34-post5 15.Nov.2021 or later to have the Veeam patch included)
Scaleway S3 Object Storage (cloud object storage) COMMUNITY ENTRY
Scality RING/Artesca (S3C 7.7.0 or later, use scality-s3 port 8000 to bypassing load balancer)
Seagate Lyve Cloud(cloud object storage)
Selectel (cloud object storage)
SoftIron HyperDrive (1343B70 or later with enabled online patching, Online patching mandatory to fix compatibility issues)
Stonefly DR365 (StoneFusion 8 or later)
SUSE Enterprise Storage (5.5 or later)
SwiftStack (6.15 or later)
Swisscom Dynamic Storage (cloud object storage)
VAST Data Universal Storage (4.1 or later)
Zadara VPSA Object Storage (18.11 or later)

Compatible with reservations
Cohesity SmartFiles (requires coordination with the vendor on the software version, patches and configuration)

AWS Snowcone/Snowball/Snowmobile (incomplete S3 API implementation)
Baidu Cloud (legacy S3 API implementation)
NetApp ONTAP S3 (incomplete S3 API implementation)
Oracle Cloud Object Storage (cloud object storage) (incomplete S3 API implementation)

Support statement

S3-compatible object storage listed above is compatible on API level, but is not guaranteed to perform well. We recommend you test performance levels to ensure they meet your requirements before making the purchase decision. One unexpected performance bottleneck can be mass object deletions during retention processing or manual deletes when large multi-TB backups are being removed. This is an important test because in extreme cases, mass object delete operations may impact object storage availability and stability (this largely depends on the choice of NOSQL database engine behind the given object storage solution and on how many disks an object will be stored).

Veeam also has the Veeam Ready object storage verification program that enables our Technology Alliance Partners to verify both the compatibility AND performance levels. Not all vendors may choose to participate in this program, and some may not meet its performance requirements. However, Veeam will support ANY object storage that implements the required subset of S3 API and uses v4 signature version regardless of its Veeam Ready status. The list of required S3 API calls can be requested by the vendor from the Veeam Alliances team.

If you have tested object storage that is not listed above, please PM me the results of your tests, and I will update this list.

Products covered by this list
Veeam Backup for Office 365

Links to other lists
Unofficial object storage compatibility list - Veeam Backup & Replication

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