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Veeam 365 Backup Copy to Minio

Post by righter »


We are backuping our M365 Tenant to a local S3 Bucket (Minio on QNAP)
Now I saw there is also a backup copy feature. So we installed another Minio on a Ubuntu Machine.
I created the repo but I'm not able to choose it for the Backup copy.
Is that only possible on the suggestet S3 Providers?

Do I have to create a 2nd Job to store my data also in the 2nd bucket?
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Re: Veeam 365 Backup Copy to Minio

Post by Mike Resseler »

Hey Righter,

The backup copy feature from S3 compatible to S3 compatible will come in v7 (due soon). At this point in time you can only do backup copy job to Glacier / Deeparchive / Azure Archive.

Backup copy job from any to any object storage is v7.

Hope it helps
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