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VEEAM M365 to Tape

Post by vinmbt »

I was told earlier in the year that VEEAM was working on adding a feature that would allow backing up M365 accounts to tape for air gapped ransomware protected backups. Is that still on the road map? I found old posts stating this feature does not exist and hoping that has changed.
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Re: VEEAM M365 to Tape

Post by jorgedlcruz » 1 person likes this post

As far as I can see, nothing changing in upcoming v7 in regards of tape.

It still can be achieved today if you use JetDB repository, meaning onprem DAS or iSCSI. And then you combine VBR to take a backup of the server with Veeam Agent for Windows. Then on VBR you can even trigger restores from the explorers.

It has its cornerstone cases without a doubt.

In terms of air-gap, or extended security. That is when v7 becomes interesting, as it will include immutability for backup copy jobs, and those can/should be to a repo with different credentials, and really limited access to anyone within the corp. You can always argue that the backup copies in v7 achieve a copy to another place, with immutability enabled so nobody can delete those copies.

Hope it helps a bit
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Re: VEEAM M365 to Tape

Post by chris.childerhose »

Yeah, I don't recall anything about tape mentioned for the next v7 release, but as Jorge said, the new features should help some, even if not tape.
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Re: VEEAM M365 to Tape

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We do this today, we use VBO to backup and VBR to offload repository to tape for air gapped.

I am actually in the process of virtualizing the VBO install so that I can do a VM level backup of VBO using VBR and then offload VM to tape, instead of VBO repository file to tape.

I did not know that you can use VBR to trigger restores from the explorers, news to me.
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