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Feature Request: Retention of 'Point-in-time State'

Post by mrkeithy » Jan 26, 2018 10:22 am

Hi I would like to request a configurable option of many days, months or years worth 'point-in-time' states it keeps in the repository. In my organisation we copy everything to tape once week, one of those tapes per month is retained indefinitely. So only need about 6 months worth of snap shots in the repository. This way the repository will not fill up (as long as its big enough) and won't require a lot of manaul admin work.

If somebody comes back to me and says I deleted an email around 8 months ago and just realised I need to refer to it again (bee here a few times), I can refer to the repository on tape. Part of the reason for this is as it stands we have limited storage and I don't see anyway of stopping the repository from filling up with out manually deleting it and starting again. There is also no way to remove 'point-in-time' states manually. I can see this been inconvenient to quite a few organisations that have limited storage.

Hope this makes sense.


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Re: Feature Request: Retention of 'Point-in-time State'

Post by Mike Resseler » Jan 29, 2018 6:17 am


The solution also works a bit different. The retention is not the same as with VBR. In VBR, when you take a backup, it contains a "snapshot" of the moment. With VBO, we only backup items that are within the retention range. So for example, when the retention is 2 years, every item in someone's mailbox that is younger than 2 years will be protected. Everything which is older (so imagine a received email 3 years ago) won't be in the backup as the item is older than 2 years.

So it cleans out the repository itself. So if you are going to choose days, then there won't be a lot of data in the backup.

Last but not least, it is possible to change the interval to days if you really want to. ... tml?ver=15
You can select a specific # of days (bottom option in the dropdown list)


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