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Mailbox restore not possible

Post by jochot » Aug 13, 2019 2:37 pm


I have a question regarding the VBO365 backup.
We have a mailbox that has been removed from O365 (deleted & waited more than 30 days), I still see it here in my VBO365 backup without any problems tough.
As I see in VBO365, I only have 2 options: Export to .psd or restore.
If I try export, it tells me I need Outlook 2010 or newer installed (why tough? don't want to install that on a server)
If I try to connect to the server remotely with the veeam explorer for microsoft exchange it doesnt work "Failed to create Explorer session"
Now what I really want to do is restore, not export.
If I just right klick on the mailbox I see "restore to", which asks for credentials & then fails with the error "cannot open mailbox:"
If I use "restore to..." with the same credentials and basically just click "next" -> "Cannot open mailbox: __ ; Failed to access mailbox. Mailbox does not exist"

What I get from that is, that it tries to restore INTO the mailbox, but that mailbox has already been deleted.
How can I restore the mailbox itself also?
Or do I have to create it manually first and restore into that empty mailbox?

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Re: Mailbox restore not possible

Post by Polina » Aug 13, 2019 3:23 pm

Hi jochot,

Right, you now need to create an empty mailbox and use it as a target location for restore by selecting the "Restore to..." option in Veeam Explorer.
If a user account doesn't exist in O365 anymore, VBO is not able to reach it and restore data. In other words, VBO cannot create a new account in your O365 environment.

For PST export, an Outlook client installed on the machine hosting Veeam Explorer is required, because it provides the necessary technical information for PST file creation.

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