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Problems since upgrading to Beta v1.5

Post by dasfliege » Aug 07, 2017 7:35 am

Hey Guys

I have some big issues here, since we've upgraded to v1.5:

We had v1.0 installed on a physical server, where also our CloudConnect environement is installed. We installed it on the same physical machine, because our JBOD-Storage is mounted to it and v1.0 did not allow you to mount a remote repository. When Beta 1.5 appeared, i deinstalled v1.0 and installed v1.5 to a virtual machine, as it allows you now to use backup-proxies and there repositories. Also it is now no longer possible to install it on the same server where any other veeam product is running.

Everything was working fine for the first few mailboxes, but after i added all the mailboxes from out company (70 - 90 mailboxes), i started to receive errors for a few mailboxes. By running the job over and over again, i was able to isolate the problematic mailboxes to like 30.

I opened a case at veeam support, to inspect the problems and fix them. I received a modified config.xml, which i was asked to put in our programdata\veeamBackup365 folder and replace the existing one. This is where all the real troubles started. I was able to open veeam console, but it now couldn't update my backup-proxy, always telling that it is already a memeber of another veeam for o365 instance. I cant delete it from the console, nor can i deinstall the proxy-server role on this server directly, as there is no entry in the software-list.
I also tried to revert to the original config.xml, but it still gives me the same error.

I reported the problem to Veeam Support, but the guy told me that he has spoken with his boss and he told him, that they are not allowed to provide support for Beta Versions. Well, so the support actualy broke my installation by providing a config that caused even more problems and is now out of charge. Cool...

Today i tried to do a complete fresh installation on the VM. Removed Veeam for O365, cleaned the registry, cleaned the programdata and appdata folders, etc. But i still have the same problem, that i can not add the proxy, as it tells me that it is already a memeber of another instance.

I guess i need any way to deinstall the 0365 proxy role from our physical server, in order to add it again in our fresh installation. Any ideas how i could achive that? If not, im doing it the hard way, by just removing the service and delete the whole veeam o365 folders, but i guess there will still be some parts left somewhere in the system.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Mike Resseler
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Re: Problems since upgrading to Beta v1.5

Post by Mike Resseler » Aug 07, 2017 7:54 pm


Please PM me the log files. One of the problems is that upgrading VBO to VBO 1.5 is not supported and not even possible today (it will when it is GA). The second problem I see is that there are leftovers on the proxy. Basically you should remove the service. I believe (can not test, not in my office....) this should do the trick:

Code: Select all

sc delete [servicename]

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