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VBO issues in China

Post by bernard » Mar 24, 2017 2:41 am

This is the technical blockers we are facing in China: for polical reasons all MS cloud solutions are provided by 21vianet(a Chinese company) independently, including: Microsoft Azure and Office 365.
For 21vianet and Microsoft, Azure/O365 have similar features, but have separate datacenters, websites and user’s account. There are barely any connections between platforms of the two service providers.

According to VBO User Guide, this first step to Backup of Organization Mailboxes is Adding Office 365 Organizations - “Use any of the following formats: or” However for 21vianet office 365, the user name format is “” , VBO cannot recognize “”, and this very first operation fails.

21vianet office 365 Sign-in page:
Microsoft office 365 Sign-in page:

there will be little code change (a patch) to recoginze "”, please let me know who can help on this.


Mike Resseler
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Re: VBO issues in China

Post by Mike Resseler » Mar 24, 2017 5:51 am

Hi Bernard,

We are aware of this but unfortunately it is not a little code change. The authentication mechanism is quite different compared to the Microsoft version.

I cannot give you any ETA but we are certainly looking into this


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