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Access Veeam O365 via browser or something else

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Hi There

I'm starting to feel like home in this forum ;-)

Right now we're looking for something like the "Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager" in Veeam Backup & Recovery but for Veem O365.

We've got users (helpdesk for example) that should be able to perform restore operations but they dont have to see the configuration of the whole veeam console.

Is there any method for something like this in veeam O365 integrated? probably a web based access?

Best regards and many thanks!

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Re: Access Veeam O365 via browser or something else

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You're always welcome, Tizian )

There's no out of the box functionality or integration to offer you right now. However, you can try a self-service web portal available as an open source on GitHub (all credit to Niels Engelen, our Technical Evangelist). You can use it with your VBO server admin login (or the O365 account) to perform delegated restores.

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