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Aggregate Office 365 Exchange data into a single tenant

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Our prospect customer want to aggregate Office 365 Exchange data into a single tenant by using VBO backup and restore.

We understand that it is possible to restore to another tenant if it is a mailbox unit from the posts in the forum below.
veeam-backup-for-office-365-f47/cross-t ... 59758.html

Is there any Exchange object data that cannot be restored to another tenant with Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange ?
(For example, shared mailboxes and contacts etc..)

Customers are wondering how much Exchange settings should be set for the tenants to be aggregated.

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Re: Aggregate Office 365 Exchange data into a single tenant

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VBO365 will restore all default objects (calendar, mails, contacts, tasks, notice) to another mailbox, if you have fullaccess to the new mailbox. You have to provision the new mailboxes/users by yourself.
Exchange/Mailbox Settings are not restored. Only the data.
You will have to configure Mailbox Settings all by yourself:
Mail Addresses, Mailbox Quotas, Mailbox Policies, etc.....

Restoring Sharepoint Data is not possible to other tenants.

I think, there is a better way to migrate the data with microsoft tools. There is a new Cross Tennant Migration Process from Microsoft itself. Have a look at it: ... -worldwide

Considerations and Limitations - Restore ... ?ver=50#re
Cross-tenant restore to Microsoft Office 365 is only possible for Exchange Online objects, not for SharePoint sites.

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