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Backup proxy offline time exceeded

Post by Bit4982 »


first of all i love this product :)
But actually we have an issue with One Drive Backup.
Sometimes we get an error: Backup proxy offline time exceeded.
One of the users has about 80GB in his One Drive.
Sometimes it take 2 minutes for the backup and sometimes 2 hours, even if not much changes are made.
And between we got the errors seen in the picture.
Onsite we have a 100Mbit Connection so i don't think it should be a bandwidth issue.

Perhaps some hints where we can start to troubleshoot?



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Re: Backup proxy offline time exceeded

Post by Mike Resseler »

Hey Benny,

First: Welcome to the forums
Is it always the same user? Because it looks like he has a file that is constantly changed. Maybe a PST or so? Could you check that first?
Second: Is there a window where you allow the backups?

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