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Feature Request: Granular Job start times

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Hi Veeam Team.

We have three VBO Backupjobs. One for Mail, one for OneDrive and one for Sharepoint.
Mail we backup every 2 hours, Onedrive every 4 and Sharepoint every 8 hours.

So every 4 hours there are running 2 jobs in paralles and every 8 hours all three of them run in parallel.

It would be great to have more options to the 'every xxx hour' feature just like 'every xxx hour and a half' or 'every xxx hour and a quarter' or 'every 15 minutes after 2 hours'.
Or even 'run after job xyz every 2 hours'...

Just to adjust it that way, that there are not too many jobs running in parallel which is tuning down the performance.


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Re: Feature Request: Granular Job start times

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Thanks for the feature request. I will place it on the table but I won't make any promises :-)
It does make sense though

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