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Feature Request

Post by agrob »

Good Day

Haven't found those two "Features" in the latest Version 2 of VBO so I would ask for a Feature Request:

1. During backup, Data Count for each Object (e.g. Mailbox, Site etc) should be displayed. Would be nice to know the Size

2. Exclusion of Personal Sites
Let me explain: I create a new Backup Job and under "Select Items to Backup" i choose "Backup the following Item"- Here I add my entire Organization. Then I edit the Organization and deselect "Mail, Archiv, OneDrive" so that i have only "Sites" left (because obviousli i just want to backup the Sites in this job).
-> Now what i want to do in the "Select Items to Exclude" Page, Add -> Sites and then select the whole "Personal Sites" Object. This is not possible. I can expand the Object and select single Users, but if a new User is created, i always have to manuall add this Object to the exlude selection.
-> In Short, i just want to backup all the "Company" Sites and no User sites. Also want to make sure that every new company site is automaticaly included in the backup selection (this is the reason why i chose "entire organization" in the backup selection), and also every new "User Site" is automaticaly excluded for this Job.


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Re: Feature Request

Post by Polina »

Hi Andre,

Data count is what I personally would like to have in VBO as well. However, to the best of my knowledge, it is extremely time-consuming and will drastically increase the waiting time when creating a job. However, the research is ongoing and (fingers crossed) one day it could be implemented.

Your second request is a good food for thought for us. Thank you for this idea, it's counted.

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