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Granular Public Folder backup option

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This is a feature request for Public Folder backups.

The way that Veeam currently processes Public Folders for backups (from my understanding) is that the primary public folder hierarchy mailbox is used to backup all the public folder mailboxes and data. For instance, if you have 54 public folder mailboxes (one primary hierarchy and the rest are secondary hierarchy) the backup processes the primary hierarchy and all secondary mailboxes as one mailbox/job. So in the case of a large environment (55k + public folders and 2.5+ TB), the backup job needs to process all mailboxes successfully to get any good backups. Meaning the job has to run without any interruption or issues for several days on its initial backup. One single issue (folder rights, connection timeouts, etc.) and the job fails and has to start all over again from the beginning.

So if it's possible, what would be nice is if there was a way to process each public folder mailbox and its associated data one mailbox at a time. That way if there are any problems with the backup, you would at least get a partial backup of the overall public folder environment vs. having to have every mailbox be successful in one run for any useable restore points.

In addition, if the backup job for public folders encounters any folders that it does not have proper rights too, it would just skip the folder and put the job in a warning state vs. failing it. At least in our environment its possible for a sub set of users to change rights and at times they will inadvertently remove the Veeam service account's rights from the public folder causing the job to fail. Then an administrator has to fix the rights prior to getting any good backups.

The main problem is that when dealing with Exchange Online, Microsoft significantly throttles your ability to export data so no matter what your WAN connection is, you can only process and export data so fast.

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