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Job redesign due to repository space limit

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Hi guys,

we started with Veeam Backup for Office 365 in early 2021. In the beginning we decided to create one backup job per workload distributed over two proxies with one local disk repository each. While the system is growing we will soon facing the problem that I cannot expand the repository disk anymore because the underlying VMware datastore is limited. There's enough space on additional datastores on the same storage machine, but the limit is a single datastore. An additional datastore means an additional vmdk means an additional repository. That given I'm wondering how to best redesign my jobs because now we back up the entire org per workload and that is quite simple. The best way would be using something like Scale-Out-Repos as in VBR, but afaik in VBO there's no such feature. With more than one job per workload I have to distribute the objects of one workload evenly between these multiple jobs!? I'm aware that much is possible through powershell, but at the moment it seems too complicated to me. Is it actually correct, that I have to split the backed up objects over different jobs for one workload in order to use multiple repos repectively is it really necessary to create an additional repo? Does anyone have an idea how to usefully spread the objects (automatically) over more than one job? I guess it's a quite common design question. How are you getting around this issue? Or is there another way not to split into multiple jobs per workload? Note: Object storage is no option at the moment.

Thanks for any input,

No case id because this is actually no technical issue ;).

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Re: Job redesign due to repository space limit

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We ran into a similar issue with one customer's repository that grew to over 13TB and was all being backed up by a single job covering all workloads.
I looked at splitting it out alphabetically but this would have meant manually adding/removing users from the jobs which was out of the question for us.

In the end I changed them to 4 separate jobs (Mailbox, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Teams) which were all pointing at separate repositories.
The fun part was moving all of the current backup data to the new repositories - this has to be done through powershell and takes a long time! Moving ~5TB of mailbox data took 4 days!!

I modified the script available here to do the move -

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