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Large Disk for Backup

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Hey Veeamholics,

We're in the process of onboarding a client to backup their Office 365 data, which includes mailbox, sharepoint, onedrive, etc. They need to retain data for 6 years. After some calculation, we figure we'd need around 280TB of storage.

I'm trying to find out the best way to hold this data in a repository. I don't want to break up the users into different repositories if possible. Does Windows Server 2019 actually support a 300TB disk?

With version 4.0 released, I was thinking of using an object storage repository instead. Would those have any limitations when being used in Windows? For example, if I set the quote to 300TB, does Windows actually see a disk of 300TB storage?

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Re: Large Disk for Backup

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You can use object storage for this as it will be very cheap. If you configure a 300TB limit, it will show this in the UI and customers can use this as a maximum (soft quota). If they reach the limit, running jobs will finish but no new jobs will be started.

If you do go the windows way, as far as I know, there are no issues with disks this big.

We do advise to split data in backup jobs like Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive data. We have a best practice guide available with more numbers which can help:

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Re: Large Disk for Backup

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And here's another white paper which can be helpful for VBO architecture design: ... 65-v4.html

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