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low backup performance / 5000 item limit?

Post by Battlestorm »

Hi I'm trying to find the underlying cause of a slow backup of a O365 SharePoint instance and wanted to confirm if a folder with more than 5000 files in will still cause performance issues?
as I've seen some references that this was fixed / worked around in version 3


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Re: low backup performance / 5000 item limit?

Post by Mike Resseler »

Hi @Battlestorm

Are you running the latest version? This problem is not there anymore, but performance can indeed be slower because there are other items in play. How many versions has each file? We need to read the entire list in that folder and this can cause slowness. We also can use a maximum of (if I am not mistaken) 3 threads for it because it is in the same folder. That is probably causing a delay.

Last question, is this the first backup? Because the incremental should be faster unless those > 5000 files are all changed in between


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