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Monitoring limits with VBO

Post by matsnijman »

Veeam has a best practice sheet for VBO with configuration maximums.

How can we monitor this?
So is there a powershell command for which I can check how many objects a job/proxy/repo has?

Are these maximums the same for object storage repository (Wasabi)?

Basically I want to know when it's time to add another proxy / vbo server.

Hope anyone can help me figure this out.

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Re: Monitoring limits with VBO

Post by Polina »

Hi Mats and welcome to the Community!

Out of the box VBO currently doesn't provide such metrics, and to monitor those you'll need to run custom scripting based on the availabe PowerShell commands, such as Get-VBOEntityData and others.

The recommended limits for the number of objects apply to proxies and they are valid for any type of repositories.

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