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Personal Sites Aren't Excluded

Post by pufferdude »

I'm seeing some unexpected behavior... I have a job that backs up the Organization, but within that (via Edit) I only have Sites selected. Then I have "Personal Sites" *excluded* from the job as well.

In my mind this should make Veeam back up ONLY non-personal Sites, yet when the job runs I clearly see "errors" in the log stating the PERSONAL site could not be backed up because the URL (for a deleted user) "could not be found".

What gives? Does excluding personal sites not do what it implies it should?

Mike Resseler
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Re: Personal Sites Aren't Excluded

Post by Mike Resseler »

Hey Jim,

If I understood it correctly, then yes, personal sites should not be protected. The only thing I can think of is that the specific site is not a personal site anymore but to know more, logs will be needed.

Can you create a support case?

Many thanks

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