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Problem with connection from management console to some proxy servers

Post by marcin.koczkodaj »


My company is using Veeam Backup for O365, current version, we have one "main" proxy server, with management console and five additional proxies, to distribute the load. Suddenly two proxy servers stopped responding, that means:
- Jobs associated with these servers don't start.
- It's not possible to display proxy properties in the "Backup infrastructure" --> "Backup proxies" section. The error appears: "This request operation sent to net.tcp:// did not receive a reply within the configuration timeout".
- It's not possible to perform other proxy operations like adding new repository, etc.

It's not the problem of the connectivity itself - both servers (main proxy and the problematic one) are placed in the same network, the same domain, I disabled even Windows Firewall to be sure that nothing blocks connection. The "Veeam Backup Proxy" service on the affected server is up and running. Have you ever met the similar problem?


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Re: Problem with connection from management console to some proxy servers

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Hi Marcin,

The proxy might be overloaded (CPU/RAM consumption).
Please open a support call and work with our engineers to resolve the problem.


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