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Veeam API: Proxy Object count

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Hi all

I am writing a script, which should get the object count per. proxy, as one proxy can handle up to 20.000 objects.
But the thing is, the results I get from each job session regarding the object count, does not seem to be the correct object count.

When looking at the data which is pulled using postman, on a specific job the count is moving from 3 to 400 objects, within 2 jobs. This tells me that that object count in this case resembles item count more than "object(mailbox, teams etc)" count.

Has anyone managed to calculate the correct amount of objects per. proxy ?
Kim Svane @

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Re: Veeam API: Proxy Object count

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Hi Kim,

For processing, a team is seen as a combination of three objects: mailbox, site, and team data. And, for example, with two teams in a job, you'll see 6 objects processed in the session log.

In terms of sizing best practices, each Team should be considered as 2 objects. To explain why it's 2 and not 3: Teams data itself (the metadata) is small compared to team mailbox and site and can be disregarded for sizing.

Makes sense?

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