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Public Folders Backing up

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Hello. I am just looking to confirm that Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 does backup Public Folders that are part of 365. I can't find anything specific aside from articles about issues that have occurred. We are backing up the entire site, so I would like to assume those will be included but just need to verify that.

I'm not an Exchange person... I'm just trying to help clarify this for them. If there are steps we would need to take to ensure public folders will back up, can someone direct me to something with those steps?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Public Folders Backing up

Post by Mildur » 2 people like this post

They are backuped up.
But there are some situation, where you have to configure additional settings for the permission to backup this folders

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Re: Public Folders Backing up

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@Mildur is correct. (Thanks mate!)

One important thing, which can be found in the release notes: When creating public folders backups, only the primary hierarchy mailbox will be selectable for the backup.

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