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Retry after errors

Post by it2018 » Dec 20, 2018 9:51 am

Hi! New to Veeam and VBO, been using the trial version for a few days, gradually adding users each night. So far it works pretty damn well so quite happy with it.
I have one archive mailbox so far that had some errors, it's a bit over 50gb. It ran for a number of hours so I was expecting to see it in the Explorer, just as an incomplete item, however it's not there at all.

So what I was wondering is...
1. Does the retry just start again from scratch or does it build on what it has already downloaded.
2. At what point will it show in Explorer - is this only after it fully completes?

thanks in advance for any thoughts!

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Re: Retry after errors

Post by Polina » Dec 20, 2018 5:21 pm

Hi Chris and welcome to Veeam Forums!

Glad to know you're enjoying your experience with VBO.

Retry attempts are performed to the failed items upon the settings you specified when configuring your backup job. If there's still no success, the job will start from the scratch on the next run.

Veeam Explorer opens any backup with at least one restore point; and typically, a restore point should be created even if a backup was completed with a Warning. Which errors specifically did you get?

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