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Selective Backing up of SharePoint Online files

Post by Evo »

Hi VBO Support

Please can you advise on why is VBO only backing up selective documents on my SharePoint Online.

When I am backing up my SharePoint Sites and subsites, VBO is only backing up selective documents eg: some recent documents and some old documents. If i open my Explorer SharePoint > to view my backups , I cannot see my files eg : some of my past files from 2015 and recent files 2020

Type of files backing up are : Excel , Word , PowerPoint , Text Documents

Please advise on this ... :(

Kind Regards

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Re: Selective Backing up of SharePoint Online files

Post by nielsengelen »

Hi Evo, could you check which retention policy is configured? If this is set to item-level retention with a short amount of years, the behavior you are seeing is normal.

If you want to backup everything with item-level retention, you'll have to change the retention to forever.

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