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Sharepoint backup queries

Post by Unison »

Hi guys,
Using the latest V4 of Veeam Backup for o365 - but cant find the setting where i can tell veeam NOT to grab all versions of all files in Sharepoint - rather limit the backup to just hold say the last 5 versions of each file in sharepoint (rather than the default of 500 versions in sharepoint!). Cant see that anywhere in the settings or documentation or i might just be blind.

Also - with v4 i thought we were seeing a new ability to configure in multiple o365 credentials/accounts to use with the backup jobs to prevent or help reduce the problems of Microsoft throttling all the access from just one account - but i cant find anywhere to configure that. Are we still only able to get the backup jobs to run with one credential so we cant get around the throttling issue with v4 either?
Does anyone know if using Modern Auth with veeam solves/minimises the Microsoft throttling issue?

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Re: Sharepoint backup queries

Post by Mike Resseler »

Hi @Unison ,

For your first question, we don't have a mechanism like that. It will grab all of the versions. We received this request one additional time but more specific for OneDrive for Business. This is actually quite a complicated ask I'm afraid.

For your 2nd question: see here: ... tml?ver=40

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