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VBO versus competitors

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I'm a keen Veeam fan, but I seem to find documented a lot more unsupported backup/restore caveats with the VBO product versus the competition Like Avepoint/ etc. Am I right? Or do all the other solutions suffer from the similar caveats? Any fair insight into how these competitor products compare in reality (reviews) welcome.

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Re: VBO versus competitors

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Hi Dazza,

When public APIs for Microsoft 365 are involved, then all products working with these APIs are affected. If you need a comparison, then it would be worth contacting a Veeam sales rep with that.


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Re: VBO versus competitors

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Could you give a few examples of these backup/ restore caveats that you want to see resolved. I can't make any promises but we always try to either add the possibilities or negotiate with MSFT to give us access or the possibility to it

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